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Understanding your farm, knowing where you are, and where you want to be is crucial.  We are here to provide solid advice when you need it most, aiming for higher yields and better returns.   Our goal is to help you discover your options and make better, informed decisions.

Custom Application and Agronomy

A full line of agricultural crop care products;  herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and micronutrients are readily available in our certified warehouse.

We provide agronomy services for your farm operation, from crop planning to harvest.  Advice on crop rotation, crop variety options, and the best herbicides for the crops on your farm, are just a few of the areas we can help you with.  Identification and diagnosis of soil and crop problems are also provided.

Seed Sales/ Custom Seed Treatment

At Roland Air we offer a wide range of Canola, Corn and Soybean seed options to ensure that our clients receive the best product to suit their farming operation. 

Invigor & Nexera Canola Seed

Thunder & DeKalb Corn Seed 

Thunder, ProGrain, SeCan, Brett Young, Pride & Syngenta Soybean Varieties.

We have a state of the art seed treater on site to ensure prompt and accurate service.  We aim to keep our clients productive through the season.

Grain Buying

In late 2014 Roland Air Spray Partnered with Down's Brokerage, a licensed and bonded grain company based out of Langdon ND.  We can now offer our customers picked up grain prices using our fleet of 32 trucks,  Call Jeff for all your old or new crop prices.




Jeff Park


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